Shuksan Descent

Author: Barrett Schmanska
Published: July 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-934733-62-2
Type: e-book: Kindle
Price: $7.99
Categories: Mystery Fiction

Backhoe operator Gary Patrick foresees long delays, and possibly legal trouble, when human bones appear on his construction site on the Shuksan Indian Reservation.

Gary breathes a sigh of relief when the county coroner finds the bones are not Native American, but instead those of a white man who died at least two hundred years ago. But the tribal community is skeptical of the finding, and Gary finds that his lack of friends and political connections is costly when tribal officials move to declare the grave as sacred and the site off-limits to development.

Out of work, nearly out of money, and convinced the decision was more about politics than valid science, Gary decides to research the origin of the bones himself. The journey sends him all the way to Virginia, where he visits Hampton University, one of the few schools in the country that admitted American Indians in the nineteenth century. It is in the vaults of the university museum that he discovers a secret so disturbing that it threatens to shake the very foundation of the Shuksan people.