Bears in My Life: A Collection

Author: Jon McCracken
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934733-39-4
Pages: 192
Size: 10 x 8
Type: Hardcover
Price: 49.95
Categories: Non-Fiction

'The Bears in My Life' is a beautifully photographed tribute to Jon McCracken's collection of bear images. It is also a call to pay homage to the wild creatures that inspired their creation and to act on their behalf. Bears have captured human imagination for tens of thousands of years, simply by being bears. Mysterious, powerful and nurturing of their young, the natural characteristics of bears -- and the many, colorful, human beliefs associated with them -- have inspired creation of bear images in wood, stone, ink, glass, bronze and more. 'The Bears in My Life' features captivating photographs of images across all media and provides a wealth of information about the significance of bears within diverse cultures, over time. Author and photographer Jon McCracken gives special attention to the history of the carved, wooden bear images and artists who created them. He traces how tourism and bear images have played into the controversial and varying demands of art and commerce, and he outlines how bears have evoked human beliefs that have resulted in both bear worship and bear genocide. Jon McCracken's collection includes bear images discovered in Europe, Russia, Japan, North American and by North American Indians. Also available in a limited, Special Edition with original, signed prints included. Special Edition Distributor: Wessel & Lieberman