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Seattle, Washington 98117

About Bennett & Hastings Publishing

We founded our company so that authors could have more control over the final look and feel of their publications. The result is availability of work that is unique and at least a little beyond the bell curve.

Bennett & Hastings Publishing is an independent press. We offer traditional publishing contracts and distribution services as well as collaborative publishing contracts. Our services include design, production, distribution and promotion.

Submission Guidelines: B&H is not accepting new manuscripts at this time. Please check back in three months.

Employment & Intern Opportunities: B&H has no employment openings at this time. Internships are offered on a rotating basis but are currently filled. Resumes and inquiries may be submitted for future consideration.

Readers of B&H publications will find viewpoints and voices that wake the mind by moving outside the predictable. The humor, life experiences and visionary thinking of the writers we work with keep us young at heart!

We hope you enjoy our work, and please contact us if you are considering publishing your writing.

Celeste Bennett & George Hastings

Who We Are

Celeste Bennett Partner

Celeste Bennett is an avid reader who began professionally editing books in 1987, before completing her B.A. in English. After twelve years in corporate environments, she opened Bennett & Hastings Publishing.

George Hastings Partner

George Hastings has been writing for 20 years. He worked as an agent for Trafford Publishing before founding Bennett & Hastings with his partner, Celeste.

Mary Myers Publicity

Mary Myers is a versatile marketing communications professional with over 25 years of experience in corporate communications, corporate identity/branding, public relations, event planning, Web site management and creative operations management. She currently focuses on book promotion and publicity, helping authors create visibility for their books by collaborating with them to develop and implement targeted promotion campaigns.

Her broad industry background includes book publishing, nonprofits, organizational development, event marketing, travel, graphic design, retail, Web development, software and scientific computer systems.

Larry Cyr Designer

Larry Cyr is a designer specializing in stencil. He was a featured artist at the Melbourne Stencil Festival. Most of his subject matter deals with politics, social issues, the working class, and war.

Adam Finley Editor

Adam has a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Creative Writing. He lives and works in Seattle.

Courtney Shultz Intern

Courtney Shultz graduated from Whitman College in 2005 with a BA in History. After 5 years working at a not-so-dream job in a not-so-dream cubicle, she left the corporate world in pursuit of her true passions:editing, writing, and books. Courtney is in the process of completing her Editorial Certificate at the University of Washington and is very excited to be working with Bennett & Hastings as an editorial intern.Courtney currently lives in Santa Clara, California with her husband,Andrew.

Kaitlin Coats Intern

Kaitlin Coats, a junior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, majors in English and Latin with a concentration in linguistic studies. She edits and writes for several campus publications and, in her free time, plows her way through her hopelessly long reading list.

Katie Lee Intern

Katie Lee will be a junior at Washington State University this coming fall. She is a certified English major, with an emphasis in Professional Writing and Rhetoric.